The Sweetheart Scam: Protecting Your Senior Relative Online

One of the most common scams being used to target seniors is the sweetheart scam. This scam looks for older women who are looking for love online. If you notice that an elderly loved one has spent a lot of time online, consider looking at his or her browser history to determine whether he or she has been visiting a dating website. While there are many dating websites that have legitimate users, you will want to look for warning signs that the particular user your loved one is corresponding with is acting in bad faith. From Online To Offline Dating Read More →

What To Look For In Line Of Credit Software

If your business regularly extends credit to clients, it’s extremely important that you have good, reliable line of credit software. Without it, you’ll be left to make credit decisions on your own or using old, outdated programs. And if you do that too often and extend credit to the wrong people, it could put your business at serious risk. As such, it is imperative that you secure high quality, up to date credit software that can return credit decisions quickly and take the guesswork out of this process for you. While you might think that all line of credit software Read More →

What Should You Do If You Spill A Sticky Drink On Your Laptop Keyboard?

Spilling a sticky drink on your laptop keyboard is a nightmare scenario for any laptop owner. When this happens, knowing what to do is important if you hope to save your computer. Turn Your Laptop Off Your first course of action will be to turn off your laptop. Don’t waste time closing out of programs and allowing your laptop to shut itself down. Pushing buttons and using the mouse could push the liquid farther down into the keyboard and the internal parts of the laptop. Turn your laptop off by holding down the power button until the unit is completely Read More →